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Corte Madera, CA


All of My Soul by Ryan Caraveo


Are Pop Tarts considered baked goods?


After doing both track & field and cross country for 3 years, Dylan decided it was time to move on to something else. Looking for something new, a friend convinced him to join the mountain bike team at his high school. He had never ridden a mountain bike before, and didn't even have a bike to use. Borrowing his brother's $200 Amazon-bought mountain bike, he started riding with the team his freshman year. Thanks to consistent training, along with amazing support from his team director, he worked his way through the steep learning curve pretty quickly and is now competing as a U23 Elite rider.


When not riding bikes, you can find Dylan studying, working at a cycling non-profit, thinking about riding bikes, going to the gym, followed up with a Chipotle trip.

Watch for Dylan at both local and national races this season!

How do you party in the Dryve Party Zone?

Maximum stoke, maximum noise!

Best 'your mom' joke? 

Your mom is so fat her address is in 2 different zip codes.

Aside from bikes, what do you love to do? 

I casually play video games and competitively watch Netflix. Sleeping is a hobby I enjoy, but usually I'm too busy.


How does one win your adoration? 

Make me laugh, a lot!

How do you afford racing?

I afford racing by working as a bike mechanic at Sunshine Bicycle Center, but mostly working as a logistical manager at a local non-profit. I also accept donations - my Venmo is @dylanandersonusa 😉

Peanut butter, chunky or smooth?

Both! All peanut butter is created equal

Pancakes or waffles? 

Ice cream...on a warm waffle.


What are your thoughts on the start line, 2 hours before, and a day before?

On the start line I'm thinking about where I want to position myself during the sprint off the line, and about how much fun the next hour and a half are going to be. 2 hours before, I'm thinking about my nutrition for the next 2 hours leading up to my race. I'm making any adjustments to my bike setup based on how conditions have changed since I last rode the course. A day before I'm thinking about strategy, bike setup, and ice cream. Mostly ice cream.


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