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Time to dust off the blog!

2024, here we go! Our Oregon-based squad is kicking off the Oregon race calendar this weekend at Echo Red to Red, followed by Real West Gravel on Sunday. Lots of new, exciting things happening within the team this year and we can’t wait to show off all the goodness. New sponsors, new kits, new bikes, new teammates! Speaking of new teammates, my name is Hannah and I’m new to Dryve this year. After having spent many many hours with the Dryve boys last year, I couldn’t help myself from wanting to race in the pink this year! It’s going to be a whirlwind of travel and fast racing, starting in Echo this weekend. We’ll kick off the weekend with our skills clinic on Friday at 3pm. Come on out and learn a thing or two from Landon. I’ll be there and I’ll be all ears, as I’m still trying to figure out the best ways to ride a mountain bike as fast as I can! My background is in running, then I picked up road racing a few years ago. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with cyclocross and my first mountain bike racing season was last year. I’m stoked for round two! 

It’s looking to be a sunny, perfect weekend in eastern Oregon. We’re always so happy to support Brian and Mike’s races. Two of the best promoters, in one weekend?! How lucky are we! 

Carter has already been busy racing the last couple of months. He’s repping the pink all over the world - Spain and Puerto Rico! We’re excited to get to hang and race with him in Fayetteville in a few weeks. Landon kicked off his season in January down in Northern California. A couple of early season wins to bring the momentum that we need for a big season of racing! 

You’ll see us in lots of different capacities this year, not just racing. We hope you’ll join us for skills clinics and movie night hang outs! 

Lots to come, get excited!!! 

P.S. Meet Mowgli, Landon's puppy! If you don't want to hang with us, at least show up for some puppy love!

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