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Redmond, OR




Sons of Maria - Take It to the Beat (Extended Mix)


When a serious knee injury put Shane on the sidelines of his active lifestyle 10 years ago, he was introduced to cycling by a good friend during rehab and it was love at first ride. Since then, life has centered around bikes, from competing as a racer to forming two cycling teams, organizing trail builds and hosting several bike races. When not playing bikes, Shane can be found baking up delicious treats, renovating his 1948 home or playing fetch with his Red Heeler Kai!

Look for him during 2021 in his third year at the Elite Level, racing at events in Oregon and beyond, including the US Cups, Sea Otter and MTB Nationals.

Favorite baked good?

I've been digging bread, but sweet baked goods take the cake.....mmmm cake does sound good, I'll go with cake. Or chocolate chip cookies. Or brownies. Actually, can I just have all?!



How old are you? 

Well, technically I've been around the sun 38 times, but my maturity has only made it 12 times.


Aside from bikes, what do you love to do? 

There's life outside of bikes?! I love to bake, currently perfecting my sourdough bread.

How do you afford bike racing?

I build things, as a general contractor and do a little bit a house cleaning, on the side.

What's your party trick?

Oh man, not a lot, but I can juggle! That counts, right?

What are your thoughts on the start line, 2 hours before, and a day before?

Day Before: 'Damn, I hope I can make good time on this drive, so I can arrive on time!' 2 hr Before: 'This song is SOOOO good, I think I might just need to put it on repeat.' Start Line: 'Holy crap, there are a lot of people staged in front of me!'

Who's your bike racing idol? 

So many inspiring riders around me, but Cole Paton takes that title. He's crazy fast and is the most genuine, nice guy!

Best 'your mom' joke?

Yo momma so fat, she sat on a rainbow and made Skittles out of it!


How does one win your adoration?

Be down to earth, look for the fun in life and if you bring me yummy snacks, that helps....a lot!


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